Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Apathy is a state of mind

#we need to keep our minds working by trying new things and mastering new techniques - hence I am persevering with this Blog.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Oh woe

Computer at home

Here is another posting on my Blog website. Not sure I am any the wiser - still haven't had loads of hits telling me how to fix my computer at home.

Remember Passwords

How can we keep remembering when it comes to all this technology, there are pin numbers, passwords for everything these days - any suggestions?


Hi - Hazel here again - looking up I have noticed there is another "Hazel's Space" so perhaps I should have been more original but as this is my first blog - it was difficult to be creative when in a training mode atmosphere.

New technology - is it worth the hassle?

Hello - Hazel here learning yet more technology. I have recently bought a new computer and if anyone can tell me why my sound isn't working please do so!!! It was working the other day - has Limewire blocked it? I've tried speakers via a usb (they were previously working) and via my screen (previously also working). I even rebooted the computer and got the sound back but it has gone again saying my machine doesn't have any sound facility connected. It's an emachine. I've looked at self help, web site help to no avail. Any ideas please? It's driving me mad.